Legal Framework for the Jury in the First Spanish Constitutionalism

PÉREZ JUAN, J.A., Legal Framework for the Jury in the First Spanish Constitutionalism, en Vom Diener des Fürsten zum Diener des Rechts: zur Stellung des Richters im 19. Jahrhundert = Del servicio al Rey al servicio de la Justicia : el cargo de juez en el siglo decimonónico / Antonio Sánchez Aranda (ed. lit.), Ignacio Czeguhn(ed. lit.), 2011, ISBN 978-3-86646-406-, págs. 115-137


This article study Jury regulation in Spain during the Liberal Triennium stage. The starting point was the decree of printing October 22, 1820. Comparing the draft submitted to Parliament with the text finally enacted has enabled us to know its structure and functioning, as well as the most controversial aspects of the new institution . The implementation of the popular Justice in Spain was not easy. Policies critical circumstances facing the country did not help consolidate. At this stage we will see two important legislative reforms. The first, in early 1822, changing the system configuration choice and responsibility of judges of fact; and second, in the summer of 1823 in order to avoid undue delay or potential situations of impunity.

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